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Xnet is a member of WIN Whistleblowers International Network.

As citizens, we do not perceive political parties and public prosecutors as allies, but as a part of the problem. For anyone paying attention it is obvious that the only victories in the fight against systemic corruption come from citizens, or thanks to citizens. Corruption is a moral, legal and political problem, but it is also a technical problem and as such, it can be pragmatically tackled in an efficient and technical manner.

We are tired of seeing how those responsible of the biggest frauds and scams go unpunished. Sometimes, when society has been left with no means to fight, we have taken part in the legal fights which have led to the arrests of Teddy Bautista, president of SGAE, and 7 other members of the board of directors for misappropriation of funds. We have also encouraged, promoted and stimulated a series of citizen-run devices against corruption, among them the remarkable 15mparato, a citizen group responsible for the lawsuit against Bankia upper echelon, because of the scam this firm has proven to be. Starting from the participation of some of us in the collective for the Audition of the Debt, another group was created which aim was auditing the most widely known banker in Spain.

In the whistleblowers field, we are pioneers in Spain in opening secure leaking boxes in ONGs and institutions. In the City Council of Barcelona, we have opened the first governmental anonymous box that use Tor and we are now replicating it in many other institutions in Spain.
We have create a template of whistleblower’s protection law that have been use to shape legislations and amendments both in national, local and European rulings.
As activists we also help citizens willing to blow the whistle and whistleblowers with technic and communication in order to empower them and keep them save.


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