Xnet, 15MPARATO & Minoria Absoluta present

Hazte Banquero, traje

Become a Banker

Hazte Banquero - Told in their own words

Black Cards: everything they wanted to hide from you

Hazte Banquero - Contado con sus propias palabras

“This show is a true story and, as such, it is dramatic but, most of all, it is absurd and atrociously comical.”

Closer to 10,000 people have seen this play in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, A Coruña, Girona and Tàrrega

Trailer of the show (1 minute and 30 seconds)  |    |

Full video (1h. 30min.)

This is a true story

Our recent history told in the words of the perpetrators

The story of how the governing elites plunder the country

A challenge to the ruthless, routine silence of impunity

The text sources are the leaks about the events that triggered the Spanish crisis. The authors of the play are the whistleblowers that have leaked them.

The bank Caja Madrid (now called Bankia) was single-handedly responsible for one seventh of the hundreds of thousands of millions of euros that went missing, the gaping hole in the Spanish economy, the so-called “crisis”.
The plot we (Xnet and 15MPARATO, now authors of this play) revealed by leaking the “Correos de Blesa” (the bank director’s Emails), is the story of how this “crisis” was created.
We, the people who laid bare the Bankia case, and revealed the Blesa Emails and the Black Cards scandals, are now telling the public what really happened.
We use the actual words written by those responsible, the culpable bankers and politicians. We show, from within, from the very engine room of the “crisis”, how it was machinated and, moreover, how, against all odds, we are changing the ending they had planned.
This story is to be relished as a slap in the face to the pitiless, routine silence of impunity.

# Why we are performing this play

[We have also published the book: Votar y cobrar]


The play has arisen from necessity.

The need to know the truth about our history at the time it is happening.

The plot we (Xnet and 15MPARATO) revealed with the “Correos de Blesa” (Blesa’s Emails), some 8,000 leaked emails, which brought to light the “Black Card” scandal (read: tax-free, corporate credit card for Caja Madrid-Bankia cronies), is the story of how the so-called crisis was brought about.

In those years, the bank Caja Madrid (now called Bankia), then headed by Miguel Blesa, was single-handedly responsible for a seventh of the missing hundreds of thousands of millions constituting the gaping hole in the economy which we have all been paying for with cuts and more cuts, destroyed lives, despair and suffering. This is suffering in vain because it has only gone to pay for their excesses. The scandalously rich and their henchmen in government and in the political parties have got richer and richer.

Hazte Banquero, Rodrigo Rato

Rodrigo Rato // Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) // First Deputy Prime Minister in the Aznar Government // Minister of Economy and Finance

Hazte Banquero, Preferentes

There is no point in knowing the truth when we can no longer do anything about it.
That is why this work is also a matter of urgency.

We need more and more people to see with their own eyes what the ongoing trial against Rato and other bankers (the result of a citizens’ lawsuit, “15MPARATO”, against corruption) is all about.

This trial is not only about State corruption and fraud.

It also lays wide open the system of connivance, abuse and impunity on which our “democracy” rests:: the government, political-party, big-union and management leaders, all of them have assiduously colluded to strip us of our savings, our possibilities for the future and our dignity.

It is also the story of how, one day, fear changes sides, how citizens have revealed the truth and how we are all pulling together to hange the ending these malfeasants had planned.

We said we would rescue ourselves with their money and we’re doing just that. We’ve managed to ensure that they have to return everything they had extracted with their sale of “preference shares” in their famous “Become a Banker” scam.

The inside story known to us, the people who have brought it to light and who have taken it to the courts, is being silenced. The key elements have not reached public opinion and those that have are distorted by the filters of a system which aims to perpetuate itself.
Everything happened in the jocular camaraderie of the omertá and untroubled silence.

Hazte Banquero, Alzheimer

Hazte Banquero, Sensibilidades

The media’s silence on the complicity of the system could mean that illustrious co-conspirators, who are still in government, parties and institutions, will get away with it.

Knowing this churns our stomachs. We find it intolerable that our great civil victory remains unknown or, if it is known, it is presented full of lies.

We need to tell the story as it really is so we can all come together to ensure our victory.

We know that a lot of people would like to stop this show from happening, would like to prevent any talk of current events while they are actually happening. In order to save their own skins they don’t want this news to be made public until it is consigned to the dusty shelves of archaeology.

This is why we need a lot of people to help us get this play staged.

The play has one aim: to defend, loudly and clearly, our right to information, and to work together to constitute a forum of free public opinion, a well-informed, active civil society which forges its own history.

This play challenges the pitiless, routine silence of impunity. It is part of the struggle and an act of justice.

We have spent a year working to find, verify and put into order all the bits which make this play an irrefutable account of what our most recent history has really been.
Without your support it won’t see the light.

Please contribute and tell people about it.
Simona Levi, director of the play.


15MPARATO | , the lawsuit filed by organised citizens, brought the Bankia case holding bankers responsible for the economic crisis before the National High Court, revealed the stock exchange scam, the high risk Preference shares (fraudulently claimed to be fixed income securities when they were not) and the #TarjetasBlack (Black Cards) which were given to almost all the Caja Madrid (later Bankia) managers who made personal charges worth hundreds of thousands of euros against Bankia savings accounts, thereby evading some €15.5 million in taxes, and named the gang who made this possible.

Xnet | is an activist group working for democracy in the digital age and managing the Xnetleaks where citizens can send leaks and information against corruption in a way that protects their safety.

Partido X | , working with Xnet, helped to make the information about the “Blesa Emails” and the Black Cards available to the public.


# The press has said:

Hazte Banquero, caviar


Rato and Blesa, Together Onstage
“This rebellious character, struggling against oblivion and social passivity, is what imbues the whole production of ‘Become a Banker’.”
“The facts advance by means of graphs, numbers and personal files projected onto a screen in an admirable exercise of selection and synthesis.”
Mireia Mullor, 30-06-2016
“Become a Banker”: Everything you always wanted to know about the Black Cards and never dared to ask.
“Staging data (…), documentary theatre which also embraces the most hilarious surrealism and grotesqueness.”
“A dark comedy with very real characters.”·
Antonia Escandel, 06-07-2016
The monstrous tale of the Black Cards is staged in the Grec Festival
“With high points of grotesqueness and absurd comedy and never for a single moment diluting the dramatic reality, this play sheds light on what was cooked up in the engine room of the crisis.”
Anna Abella, 04-07-2016
The Bankia Case, now on-stage with “Become a Banker” in the Grec Festival
“The visual support of “Become a Banker” is a giant screen showing the content of emails and graphs explaining the internal skirmishes of Caja Madrid, the preference shares, the Black Cards and Rodrigo Rato’s push for Bankia to start trading on the stock market.”
EFE, 04-07-2016
The Bankia case, in the Grec Festival with the play “Become a Banker”
“One of our aims in staging this work is to keep this story alive because there will soon be a hearing and sentencing and we don’t want this to be shelved.”
EFE, 04-07-2016
Theatre against impunity: the Black Cards case is now being staged
“The play is careful to stay clear of any personal lynching of Rato and to debunk the rotten apple theory.”
Andrea Pérez, 07-07-2016
An insulting truth and impunity which is about to have correctional consequences
“The text is powerful without ridiculing or mimicking the villains of the piece. This is a wise decision. Seeking to represent them with their own human condition, without any overstatement is the best way of showing their egotism.”
“A play that makes you laugh with its crudeness while obliging you to rethink politics and economics.”
Jordi Bordes, 26-06-2016
“Black” theatre – members only
“The play reveals the modus operandi of the upper echelons of the Caja Madrid by means of a selection of 447 emails sent to and by its president.”
Clara Morales, 05-7-2016
Rato and Blesa, ‘marauding’ at the Grec festival
“The most incredible part of this whole story is that the difficult thing is not getting a banker into the dock. The difficult thing is making it known that this was achieved by the people, that this has been done thanks to the efforts of the people.”
EFE, 04-07-2016
Rodrigo Rato and Miguel Blesa take centre stage
“Realist drama and black comedy.”
Mercè Pérez Pons, 23-06-2016
The writing on the wall
“The sewers of power described by their resourceful capitalisers, using first person.”
“This is real-life material that is very easy to follow thanks to the skills of the actors and well judged comic touches. Data theatre. Nothing is invented.”
“An encyclopaedia of corruption in an hour and a half.”
“Citizens unexpectedly cross the “there’s-nothing-we-can-do” line. Fear changes sides.”
Belén Ginart, 24-06-2016
“For whom the bell tolls”: Rato
“Simona Levi’s team has been creative in constructing a most revelatory story oozing, in a dynamic, transformative manner, data, names and details which have now become expert evidence in court.”
Jordi Bordes, 25-06-2016
‘Become a Banker’. Theatre about the banking show
“The result is ethical consternation and the feeling that the information and even, perhaps, the court case on the matter fall short of the reality.”
“You walk out of the theatre really het up. The information gets us het up. And so does the art. For this is a work of art.”
Guillem Martínez, 02-07-2016
Become a Banker – in the Poliorama Theatre
“Simona Levi has come up with a structure of extraordinary dynamism with projected images combining with the words of the actors, with brilliant staging, and considerable but honourable bile which has turned this “balance sheet” and its list of thieves into an edge-of-your-seat thriller.”
Josep Maria Ribaudí, 08-07-2016
Become a Banker: the rise and fall of Miguel Blesa on stage
“The people who laid bare the Bankia and Blesa Emails cases, the ones who informed citizens about the Black Cards scandal, have decided to take the matter to the theatre.”
“With this documentary play combining data, drama and comedy, the director Simona Levi, who started the 15MPARATO movement to bring a lawsuit against Rodrigo Rato, tells the story of the ins and outs of Spanish corruption which has splattered all the parties.”
“What was cooked up in the Caja Madrid offices, told with absolute precision.”
Margaryta Yakovenko, 23-06-2016
“Become a Banker”, the Blesa Emails now on stage
“This play is the fruit of a year’s work on more than 7,000 leaked emails sent to Xnet by an anonymous source.”
“Boundless ambition, Black Cards, political pressure from PP [the right-wing People’s Party] sectors, and benefits gleaned by the big parties and unions represented on the board of the bank, are now on stage, starkly revealed in the spotlight.”
Fidel Masreal, 22-06-2016
“Become a Banker”: the play about the Blesa emails and the Black Cards to be premiered today
“The government, party, big union and management leaders have all worked diligently to strip us of our savings, our possibilities in the future and our dignity.”
Luis Suárez, 05-07-2016
Simona Levi, Xnet and 15MPARATO demonstrate that the crisis has first names and surnames
“(…) and, once again, it has shown that there has been no dulling of the power and courage shown by Levi with her first show “Femina Ex Machina” (winner of the Critics’ Special Award and the FAD Prize), which she co-directed with Dominique Grandmougin.”
Nuria Cornet, 04-07-2016
Bankia, “Black Cards”: Treading the boards – audio
“The first scene is called “The Good Life” as conveyed by all the emails describing how well they lived, for example guzzling caviar that cost four thousand euros because they had a special offer that only cost one thousand six hundred.”
Hoy por hoy – Claudio Matas, 05-07-2016
Interview with Simona Levi – video
The Bankia case on stage in the Poliorama Theatre – video
News – Victor Giralt, 06-07-2016
Tria33 – video
Julia Bertran, 30-06-2016
Divendres – video
Telenoticias – video
“Become a Banker” and make sure that Rodrigo Rato and Miguel Blesa end up in the dock
“Data and documentary theatre dissecting the Bankia and Black Cards cases.”
“The interesting thing about “Become a Banker: Black Cards” is that the athors of this show about the lawsuit in the Bankia and Black Cards cases are the selfsame people who started the whole thing.”
Prado Campos, 08-03-2016
Become a Banker: Crowdfunding to get the Black Cards on stage
“You enter this show angry and come out empowered.”
Marta Peirano, 08-03-2016
Become a Banker – Black Cards
“Staging a true story while the farce is acted out off-stage.”
Carlos del Castillo, 08-03-2016
Black Cards: theatre sets the record straight
“While the theatrics are played out in the parliament and courts, the stages of theatres fill with documents, data, and proofs which leave the citizen with eyes like saucers.”
Lorena G. Maldonado, 08-03-2016
“Become a Banker”: The Black Cards plot now on stage
“The scandal of the Black Cards of Caja Madrid and Bankia headed by Miguel Blesa and Rodrigo Rato […] is now being staged.”
Redacció, 08-03-2016



# Artistic Team

Data theatre – Documentary theatre – Open source theatre

Hazte Banquero, Ensayo

Concept: Xnet and 15MPARATO

Text:Simona Levi and Sergio Salgado, adaptation of the original raw material – supervision by the Journalist Information and Legal Administration group of the Xnet project

Dramatist and director: Simona Levi

Actors: Josep Julien, Albert Pérez, Elies Barberà, Agnés Mateus

Audiovisual creation: Jordi Soler Quintana, Marta Felipe, Nanouk Films

Audiovisual live: Alfonso Sánchez Moreno

Production and distribution Isabel Sánchez Flores, Aida del Valle, Isaac Monclús

Audiovisual technician: Xevi Gibert Mateu

Lights: Albert Mosoll

Music: Revolution Void, Antony Raijekov

Sound recording: SonoPro, Maddish Falzoni, Vicent Ferrer, Adrià Bernat, Miguel Gozalbo

Photographs and graphics: Ángel Uzkiano, Alejandro González, Jorge Delgado

Website: Alfonso Sánchez Moreno, Maddalena Falzoni

Traslation: Julie Wark and Nuria Rodríguez

Grateful thanks to:
Genís Roca, Ariadna Civil, Pia Mazuela, Elise Garriga, Àlex Serrano, David Lectrovision, Edu Bayer, Pere Rusiñol, Alberto Sanjuan y Teatro del Barrio , Eduard Fernández, Francesc Garrido, Los Genoveses, Soplodepalabras, Sandra Costa, Dolores Sancha, Claret, Marc Trias, Guillermo Carone, Xavier Ferrés, Helena Febrés, Ricard Terés, Asunción, Versus…

A Conservas and Minoria Absoluta production





Xnet is a group of activists who have been working since 2008 in different areas related with online democracy (mechanisms of participation and citizen control of power and institutions), upholding a free, neutral Internet, free circulation of culture, knowledge and information, defence of citizen journalism for the right to know, informing and being informed, the legal, technical and informative struggle against corruption, and technopolitics understood as praxis and networking action for empowerment, justice and social transformation.

The project first appeared in Barcelona in 2008. Then called EXGAE, it was concerned with free culture and defence of citizens against the abuses of copyright monopolies. This work continues today, with the group’s active involvement in analysing and combatting the secret negotiations of free trade deals, defending use of the Internet as a tool for improving democratic quality, and opposing the undermining of civil rights by authorities and governments, foes of the Internet in a world now being shaped after Snowden’s revelations.



This lawsuit filed by organised citizens brought the Bankia case (holding bankers responsible for the economic crisis) before the National High Court and revealed the stock exchange scam, the high risk Preference shares (fraudulently claimed to be fixed income securities when they were not) and the #TarjetasBlack (Black Cards) scandal.

This mechanism was organised and launched by Xnet in order to put an end to impunity and name the people who were responsible for the crisis. It first appeared on 16 May 2012 during the demonstrations on the first anniversary of the 15M movement, thus setting in motion a citizen campaign to file a lawsuit against Rodrigo Rato (First Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for the Economy from 1996 to 2004 during the Aznar government, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund until he resigned in 2007, and Director of Caja Madrid/Bankia from 2010 to 2012) and his accomplices in Bankia (which received the biggest bailout ever for a Spanish financial institution).


Simona Levi

Simona Levi


A theatre director, actress and dancer by training, Simona Levi studied Performing Arts in Paris at the Jacques Lecoq school and worked as a programmer in the occupied arts space L’oiel du Ciclón. She toured as an actress with several companies before settling in Barcelona in 1990. In 1994 she set up Conservas—a venue promoting independent, innovative, local and self-produced performing arts—in the city’s Raval neighbourhood.

In 1999, Simona Levi founded Compañia Conservas. The same year it presented its first production, Femina Ex Machina, which she directed. This play received the Special Critics’ Prize and the FAD Applause Award. In 2003 she directed the company’s second work, Seven Dust, which premiered in Barcelona’s Mercat de les Flors theatre. These shows toured for two and three years respectively in countries including Italy, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Slovenia and Poland. In 2007 she co-directed Compañia Conservas’ third show, Realidades Avanzadas (Advanced Realities), which was on tour until 2009.

From 2001 to 2011 she was director of the Performing and Applied Arts Festival “Innmotion” which was held at the Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona.

As a founder-member of Xnet, Simona Levi has, since 2008, managed the stage production of the Oxcars, an awards ceremony highlighting projects from different artistic disciplines working in the domain of free culture. She is also a coordinator of the Free Culture Forum, an international arena bringing together organisations and experts in free culture and knowledge.

A well-known activist in European social movements working for free circulation of knowledge, culture and information, defence of the Internet and in struggles against corruption, Simona Levi has also been tirelessly involved in movements for the right to housing and public space. In recent years she has focused her efforts on free culture, digital democracy and strategic use of digital tools for democratic organisation, communication, collective action and renovation. She organises platforms (including the 15MPARATO platform) for revealing corruption and demanding that those responsible for economic injustice in Spain and in Europe should be held politically accountable. Co-author of the book Tecnopolítica, internet y r-evoluciones – Sobre la centralidad de redes digitales en el #15M (Technopolitics, Internet and R-evolutions: On the Centrality of Digital Networks in the #15M Movement), she also coordinated the edition of Cultura Digital – Nociones básicas para defender lo que es de todxs (Digital Culture: Basic Nations for Defending What Belongs to Everyone), both of which were published in 2012 by the publishing house Icaria.


Sergio Salgado

Sergio Salgado

He studied Political Science at the University of Santiago de Compostela and Human Ecology at the Universidade Aberta (Open University) of Lisbon. A specialist in online political communication, he is involved in projects of activism for democracy and he is consultant to several organisations.

Participants from outside Xnet and 15MPARATO:


Josep Julien

Josep Julien

A graduate in Theatre and Performance Studies from the Barcelona Theatre Institute, and trained in play-writing at the Sala Beckett Workshop by Martin Crimp, he has worked as an actor with Àlex Rigola, Lurdes Barba, Josep Maria Mestres, David Selvas, Joan Lluís Bozzo, Javier Daulte and Manel Dueso, among others. He has appeared regularly in television series including Sitges, Secretos de família, Luna de miel, La Riera, El cor de la ciudat, Él y ella, Cuéntame como pasó and Amar es para siempre. He has twice been nominated for television academy awards.


Albert Pérez

Albert Pérez

In the Barcelona Theatre Institute he studied the Uta Hagen Method with Carol Rosenfeld, theatre and performance with John Strasberg and also with Bob McAndrew, the German classics with Konrad Zschiedrich, as well as attending Penny Chen’s Shakespeare seminar.
Notable among his performances are those in El hombre almohada (The Pillowman, 2009),Qué pasó cuando Nora dejó a su hombre? (What Happened after Nora Left Her Husband, 2008), diktat (2004), Por menjarse ànima (Eat Your Heart Out Fear, 2000) and Macbeth (1996). In films, his outstanding performances include those inSing for Darfur by Johan Kramer, La educación de las hadas (The Education of Fairies), directed by José Luis Cuerda, El Perfume (Perfume) directed by Tom Tykwer, Pleure pas Germaine (Don’t Cry, Germaine) directed by Alain de Halleux and La ciudad de los prodigios (The City of Marvels) directed by Mario Camus.
He has had several roles in television series, including Porca Miseria, Ángeles y Santos, Rapados, Crímenes and Sitges.


Elies Barberà

Elies Barberà


He trained as an actor in the Barcelona Theatre Institute, specialising in theatre and performance studies, and texts.

His recent performances include those in the plays 99%, which he co-authored with Ian De Toffoli (2015), El setè cel/Cloud Nine, by Cary Churchill (2014), Si no ens paguen, no paguem!/Sotto paga non si paga (Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay!) by Dario Fo (2013) and Corrüptia, by Josep Lluís Fitó (2009-10), all of them Teatre de l’Enjòlit productions. He also appeared in No pot l’oblit regnar sobre aquests mots (Oblivion Cannot Reign over These Words), a work based on Shakespeare’s sonnets (2014), Nit de Reis/Noche de Reyes (Twelfth Night), with the Parking Shakespeare company (2013), Tornem després de la publicitat (We’ll Be Back after the Ads, 2012), Primaris (Primaries, 2010), Stereo (2009), Seguretat (Security, 2008) and Tres Vint-i-set (Three Hundred and Twenty-Seven, 2007) by Carles Mallol with the La Soga company, Un altre Wittgenstein, sisplau (Another Wittgenstein, Please) by Albert Mestres (2009), El casament d’en Terregada (Terregada’s Wedding) in the National Theatre of Catalonia (2009), Apocalipsi live (Apocalypse Live) by Raquel Tomàs (2008), and La torna de la Torna (a play about political repression) by Albert Boadella (2005-06).

As an actor and recitalist, he has also worked in musicals such as La danserie de l’Arxiduc (The Archduke’s Choreography) and Barcelona alla moda, by the baroque orchestra Vespres d’Arnadí and, moreover, in the recitals Ojos de mil años (Eyes of a Thousand Years), in homage to the poet Miguel Hernández) and Músiques de l’Holocaust/Músicas del Holocausto (Holocaust Music) with the Brossa String Quartet. He is presently working on stagings of La Pasión según San Mateo (St Matthew Passion) by J. S. Bach, with the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, and Realpolitik, with Teatre de l’Enjòlit.


Agnés Mateus

Agnés Mateus

After concurrently studying Journalism and Theatre, she began to work as an actress trained by Txiqui Berraondo and Manuel Lillo in Barcelona where she combines studies in theatre and dance. The year 1996, when the General Eléctrica collective first appeared, was a defining point in her career. She was one of the core members of the group with which she worked until it ended eight years later. A multidisciplinary performer and artist, she works with Juan Navarro, Roger Bernat, Rodrigo García and Simona Levi, with whom she is presently involved in a number of projects.

Audiovisual Creation

Jordi Soler Quintana


Jordi Soler Quintana is a videographer, producer, post-producer, performer and freelance photographer. Since 2011, he has also been a member of the contemporary theatre company Agrupación Señor Serrano (winner in 2015 of the Venice Biennale Silver Lion Award and the Sebastià Guasch FAD Prize for Paratheatrical Arts and which presently has three works touring internationally), working as a performer and audiovisual creator. He was co-founder and, from 2009 to 2013, creative director of the Barcelona post-production studio SOMA, and he has also worked with producers and theatre and dance companies on a range of projects integrating audiovisual elements and motion graphics. These include the Lupercales collective with its “Bella itinerante” project of urban facade lighting interventions on emblematic buildings of the Raval neighbourhood and Ciutat Vella (Old City) in Barcelona.

Marta Felipe Expósito

A senior technical adviser working with audiovisual and theatre productions, Marta Felipe Expósito has eighteen years of experience in the audiovisual sector. More recently, she has specialised in 2D animation.


Albert Mosoll

Albert Mosoll is an audiovisual and lighting technician who is presently working as a programmer and lighting operator with the Sopa de Cabra group and as resident technician at such festivals as “Temporada Alta”. He has worked with Cascai Teatre for ten years, touring Spain, France and Portugal. He is a lighting, video and web designer and, with a multidisciplinary focus, is engaged in projects with several theatre companies and businesses in the audiovisual sector. He has worked with lighting, video and sound space in the works Incerta Glòria (Uncertain Glory) directed by Àlex Rigola in the National Theatre of Catalonia and Migranland (Migrantland) in the Temporada Alta festival.


Minoria Absoluta

Minoria Absoluta is an independent producer which is particularly concerned with talent and creativity. Since it was founded it has worked in entertainment for television, fiction and stage productions. Humour and a critical take on current affairs are two of its defining characteristics, which are well represented in TV3 political satire programme Polònia, which celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2016. Among the works it has produced for the stage are La Família Irreal. El Musical, (The UnReal/Royal Family), Magical History Club and Polònia. El Musical (Polònia: The Musical).



# Linkography

Hazte Banquero, 15MpaRato

Everything you see in this work is derived from real material: the “Correos de Blesa” (Blesa Emails)—which after being made known to public opinion through the media, are now available online at the link http://correosdeblesa.com—plus legal information concerning the Bankia case in which we have filed the first lawsuit holding bankers accountable for the economic crisis in Spain, and also press sources.

These links provide the background to the case with some of the Blesa Emails and the story of the corporate Black Cards.


Information concerning the initiative to file the lawsuit, the people involved, the reasons behind it, the fight against corruption, how it all begins when the Black Card scandal is leaked, the crowdfunding project as an instrument for struggling against abuse of power, the fall of Rodrigo Rato, and “confidential” details of the corporate Black Cards. And more.

Simona Levi – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
#15MPARATO: ‘La caída de Rodrigo Rato es nuestra mayor obra de arte’
Los ‘indignados’ se proponen llevar a Rato a los tribunales en cinco años
’15MPARATO’ quiere juzgar a los responsables de la crisis
El 15-M investigará a Rodrigo Rato en una campaña para “identificar a los responsables de la estafa”
Los indignados crean la iniciativa ’15MPARATO’ para procesar a los responsables de la crisis
15MPARATO – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
#NurembergFinanciero con todos los culpables
¿Por qué Rodrigo Rato?
Un mensaje para el 12M15M desde el barrio de internet
Buscamos accionistas de Bankia
Actúa | @15MPARATO
Comisión Anticorrupción – Partido X.
Buzón de Xnet para denunciar casos de corrupción
El 15-M recauda casi 20.000 euros para presentar una querella contra Rato
El proyecto ’15MPARATO’ reúne en tiempo récord los 15.000 euros para la querella contra Rato
El dinero para la querella contra Rato, en tiempo récord
Campaña de crowdfunding para sentar a Rodrigo Rato en el banquillo
Crowdfunding político: la pieza que faltaba en la nueva política ciudadana
#15MPARATO: el crowdfunding como instrumento de lucha contra los abusos del poder
Hoy en @15MPARATO celebramos la caída de Rodrigo Rato #LaciudadaniaLoHizo
15MPARATO: “Parecía imposible, pero ahí está, declarando como imputado en menos de ocho meses”
Caso Bankia – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
INFOGRAFÍA | Todos los imputados por las tarjetas black de Caja Madrid
Cómo salieron a la luz las tarjetas negras de Caja Madrid: #LaCiudadaníaLoHizo
Con este correo “confidencial” empezó todo: texto íntegro sobre las tarjetas ‘black’ de Caja Madrid
Sí tuvo que ver @X_net_, que nos derivaron a la fuente que nos pasó los correos. Pero UPyD en esto no.
De cómo un email entre 8.000 termina sentando a Rato en el banquillo. El papel que tuvo @x_net_ (y no UpyD)
Con este correo “confidencial” empezó todo: texto íntegro sobre las tarjetas ‘black’ de Caja Madrid
Aplaudo el papel de @Upyd en el caso Bankia pero en destapar las black no tuvieron nada que ver.

Scene 1

How the bank Caja Madrid rewards an inert PSOE (Socialist Party) foundation with 3.4 million euros, the forged signatures, the Caja Madrid/Bankia bosses are fans of Bierzo wines, Blesa tries to refute the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring report, the looting of the Caja de Madrid Foundation whereby Blesa doles out more than 14 million euros to the political parties PP, PSOE and IU, as well as to the trade union CCOO, Rafael Spottorno (head of the Royal Household and Black Card beneficiary) resigns, and socialist leader Pedro Sánchez conceals the fact that he worked with Blesa. And further details.

Caja Madrid entregó 3,4 millones de euros a una fundación del PSOE sin apenas actividad pública
BOE.es – Documento BOE-A-2000-15424
Cajas de ahorros de España – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Los garabatos de Barcoj en los contratos de las tarjetas B de Bankia
Caja Madrid nombra a Jesús Rodrigo nuevo secretario general
Rafael Spottorno – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
“La campaña del PP del ‘Tamayazo’ la pagó en parte Fundescam y no el PP de Madrid”
La afición al vino del Bierzo de la cúpula imputada de Caja Madrid-Bankia – ileon.com
Blesa trata de desmontar el informe del FROB sobre los sobresueldos en Caja Madrid
Blesa se queda sin mano derecha hasta que se resuelva su futuro en Caja Madrid. Noticias de Economía
El saqueo de la Fundación Caja Madrid: Blesa financió con más de 14 millones a PP, PSOE, IU y CCOO
La mano derecha de Blesa en Caja Madrid tuvo una fiscalidad mejor – Expansión.com
Aguirre purga a los ‘marianistas’
El ex directivo que entregaba las tarjetas B responsabiliza a Blesa y Sánchez Barcoj
Caja Madrid recurrió a chóferes de la entidad para entregar las tarjetas black al ‘número dos’ de Blesa
Engracia Hidalgo – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Spottorno dimite como consejero del Rey para no dañar a la Corona
Pedro Sánchez ‘esconde’ que fue consejero de la Asamblea de Caja Madrid con Blesa. Noticias de España
Gabarda, Cafranga e Iranzo: un hombre de confianza de Blesa y dos propuestas del PP – laSexta
El ‘número dos’ de Blesa quiere que le reintegren el dinero que devolvió
Miguel Blesa suelta lastre judicial
Caja Madrid – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Scene 2

Felipe González interferes to favour with a public position one of the “Black Card” accused, the president of Caja Madrid is forced to resign, and high-flyer Pablo Abejas tries to dodge incrimination. Etcetera.

González recoloca en una empresa pública a Abejas, imputado por las tarjetas ‘black’
El escándalo de las tarjetas fuerza la dimisión de la presidenta de la fundación Caja Madrid
Ley 31/1985, de 2 de agosto, de regulación de las normas básicas sobre órganos rectores de las Cajas de Ahorro. de Ahorros (Vigente hasta el 29 de Diciembre de 2013).
Cristina Cifuentes on Twitter: “@pabejas Completamente cierto, pero antes de ampliar la edad de jubilación habría que acercar la edad real (63) a la legal”
Cristina Cifuentes on Twitter: “@pabejas Una cosa no quita la otra. Sin duda la principal preocupación de los españoles es el paro y la crisis, pero #Faisán es muy grave”
Las visas black acaban con la meteórica carrera de Pablo Abejas – España – Estrella Digital – Primer diario digital en español
From:@Pabejas @ccifuentes – Búsqueda de Twitter
Caja Madrid: Pablo Abejas: ‘Me señalan a mí, pero todo el mundo sabía lo de las tarjetas desde 1987’
José Antonio Moral Santín – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Scene 3

Minister Luis de Guindos is involved in the Luxembourg tax scandal, notes on the Spanish arms industry, preference shares, Aznar’s intermediary contract in an arms company, the power of the prime minister’s son-in-law, businesswoman Elena Gil uses a Black Card for beauty salons and clothes, Blesa buys a Miami bank for twice its value, Blesa celebrates the “success” of preference shares, the US interferes in the Spanish National High Court, a left-wing politician in Blesa’s clique, accountability in the Lehman case, 4.763 million euros hidden in Caja Madrid transactions, more on the preference shares swindle (“do NOT show clients”), and the airline Iberia in meltdown. Plus more.

De Guindos dirigía una de las firmas que crearon la trama fiscal de Juncker para multinacionales
La broma de Los Serrano que enfadó a Caja Madrid
Industria armamentística en España – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Acción preferente – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
La condena a la ‘célula del Raval’ se basó en un testigo que mintió
Blesa negoció un contrato de intermediario para Aznar en una empresa armamentística
elmundo.es – Gescartera
Operación Púnica: Majadahonda pagó 15.000 euros a Púnica por un plan de acción de cuatro hojas. Noticias de Madrid
Luis de Guindos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Einsa a Blesa: “Aznar ya está en marcha en Argelia y lo que acordemos con Agag es como si fuese con él”
Elena Gil
Los gastos de Elena Gil con la tarjeta black: ropa de lujo, joyas y salones de belleza – laSexta
Vozpópuli – Blesa sorteó el control de Aguirre para comprar un banco en Miami por el doble de su valor
La juez declara a Caja Madrid Bolsa responsable civil en el «caso Gescartera»
Caso Gescartera: el Supremo absuelve a La Caixa y limita la responsabilidad de Caja Madrid. Noticias de Economía
Caso Gescartera – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Gerardo Díaz Ferrán – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Los correos secretos de Caja Madrid: así celebró Blesa el ‘éxito’ de las preferentes
20 millones para dos ex directivos de Bankia
Oleguer Pujol abonó desde Jersey nóminas de la empresa investigada
Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Moral Santín, el hombre de IU en la ‘corte’ de Blesa
Las claves del encarcelamiento de Blesa: la compra temeraria del Banco Nacional de Florida – 20minutos.es
Blesa da portazo a las ofertas en curso por Iberia y se convierte en árbitro del proceso. Noticias de Finanzas personales
Su Casita es declarada en quiebra – Negocios – CNNExpansion.com
“”Blesa: ‘Por cierto, Rafael, eres consejero de Iberia’
La broma de Los Serrano que enfadó a Caja Madrid – YouTube
Elecciones Generales 2015 – 20-D: El PP se mantiene fuerte en el epicentro de la Gürtel y baja en las localidades de la Púnica Elecciones Generales 2015
EE UU maniobró en la Audiencia Nacional para frenar casos
En busca de culpables de Lehman: directivos, Citi, JPMorgan y E&Y en el punto de mira – Expansión.com
El consejero delegado de Iberia dimite desgastado por la presión del ajuste
Hacienda cifra en 4.673 millones la ocultación en la venta de locales de Cajamadrid
La RAF confía sus misiles a Einsa
La London School of Economics abre en Majadahonda su primera sucursal
Caja Madrid eleva la participación en Endesa al 9% y se convierte en el primer accionista
Camacho envió regalos de Loewe a miembros de la CNMV y al secretario de Hacienda
Caja Madrid, clave en la unión de British Airways e Iberia
Seis preguntas que no contesta el expresidente Aznar sobre su relación con Einsa
El campus abandonado de Blesa
“NO enseñar a los clientes” Cómo se ejecutó la estafa de las preferentes.
De Guindos fue directivo en España de la firma que negociaba pactos para eludir impuestos en Luxemburgo
Mail a Blesa: “¡Si nos echan tendremos bastante más que los dos años de indemnización!”
El Prat tendrá más viajeros que Barajas por primera vez en la historia por el hundimiento de Iberia
Caja Madrid planeó privatizar el Canal a través de un concurso amañado
La Gürtel y la Púnica competían ferozmente por los contratos de los mismos ayuntamientos del PP
“No enseñar a los clientes”: el 15MPARATO entrega nuevas pruebas de la estafa de las preferentes

The Family (Corleone-style)

Many characters have a finger in the Caja Madrid/Bankia pie.

Rodrigo Rato se acogió a la amnistía fiscal que ofreció el PP en 2012
Montoro asciende en Antifraude a Pilar Valiente, dimitida por Gescartera
José María Roldán, uno de los nuestros
Elvira Rodríguez – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Goiri se deshace de Sánchez Barcoj, el lado oscuro de la vieja Bankia. Noticias de Economía
Cinco datos sobre la amnistía fiscal de Montoro que te van a cabrear
Luis de Guindos – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Vozpópuli – La directora de la Agencia Tributaria que se negó a investigar la amnistía fue jefa de gabinete de Rato
Los conflictos de interés superados por Romana para fichar por el Santander. Noticias de Empresas
Miguel Ángel Fernández Ordóñez – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
La CNMV ficha a Beatriz Viana, exdirectora de la Agencia Tributaria
Vozpópuli – La directora de la Agencia Tributaria que se negó a investigar la amnistía fue jefa de gabinete de Rato
¿Dónde están y qué hacen los antiguos colaboradores de Rodrigo Rato?
Beatriz Viana Traicionada por los microfonos en rueda de prensa – YouTube
Fulgor y caída de Pilar Valiente
De Guindos: ‘Ha sido duro, pero la ley se tiene que cumplir’
Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra Alonso
Los documentos del tránsfuga que desvelan nuevas claves del ‘tamayazo’
Belén Romana, expresidenta del banco malo, consejera del Santander
Zapatero desea el éxito de la salida a bolsa de Bankia porque “hay mucho en juego” y pide apoyo a Rajoy
Amnistía fiscal – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Scene 4

Infighting, Black Card benefits for Aznar’s friends, the Caja Madrid commission deems Blesa’s situation to be “legally sound”, charges of corruption, money-laundering, a nice job for Blesa’s daughter, a “gentlemen’s agreement” involving millions, detentions, Rato the accused, illegal appointments, the blame game, irregular bonuses, the Mapfre-Caja Madrid Holding merger, oral proceedings in the National High Court against Blesa and Rato for their use of Black Cards, Francisco Correa pays Aznar’s former secretary €90,000 in black money, and documents accredit PP financing. And other stories.

Claves de la ‘guerra’ por el control de Caja Madrid
Los dos fieles de Aznar que también tuvieron tarjeta black de Caja Madrid. Blogs de El Confidente
La comisión de Caja Madrid considera “ajustada a derecho” la situación de Blesa
Carlos Vela deja Martinsa-Fadesa por Caja Madrid
Rato declara como imputado por corrupción entre particulares
La Fiscalía acusa a Rodrigo Rato de blanquear dinero con su hotel
La hija de Miguel Blesa y la publicidad de Caja Madrid
Rato declara como imputado por un presunto delito de corrupción entre particulares – elEconomista.es
El ex directivo que entregaba las tarjetas B responsabiliza a Blesa y Sánchez Barcoj
Una indemnización millonaria pactada “entre caballeros”
MAPFRE – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
Detenidos la secretaria y un nuevo testaferro de Rodrigo Rato
Rato declara como imputado por corrupción entre particulares
El fiscal pide cuatro años y medio de cárcel para Rato por las tarjetas ‘black’
El nombramiento de cuatro consejeros del equipo de Rato fue “ilegal”, según el ex secretario general de Caja Madrid
“Los cercanos a Aguirre han puesto a Rato en un escaparate de cloacas y ambiciones”
Goiri se deshace de Sánchez Barcoj, el lado oscuro de la vieja Bankia. Noticias de Economía
Dos exdirectivos de Caja Madrid se culpan mutuamente del descontrol de las tarjetas ‘black’
Tomás Gómez Franco – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
El caso de los sobresueldos irregulares de Blesa y su equipo sigue sin imputados seis meses después de la denuncia
La “mano derecha” de Rato pide anular una fianza prematura e innecesaria
Mapfre cierra su fusión con Mapfre-Caja Madrid Holding – Expansión.com
Varapalo a Aguirre: el TSJ de Madrid paraliza la aprobación de los nuevos estatutos de Caja Madrid. Noticias de Fondos de inversión
De la Torre ante el fiscal sobre si usó su black para pagar una fianza a IU: “Es posible que, que, que…”
Spot – “Deposit Barrilete Cosmico” – Caja Madrid – YouTube
El exdirectivo de Caja Madrid que daba las tarjetas B responsabiliza a Blesa y a Sánchez Barcoj
El dirigente de IU Ángel Pérez firmó en nombre de Fundeste 13 convenios con Caja Madrid
Rodríguez Ponga pide informes que aclaren si Blesa puede continuar en Caja Madrid
Blesa justifica el alza de las retribuciones por aumento de trabajo
CAJA MADRID-Depósito Relájate y Disfruta-“canción” – YouTube
Martinsa-Fadesa – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
La Audiencia Nacional abre juicio oral contra Blesa y Rato por el uso de las ‘tarjetas B’
Carlos Vela abandona Caja Madrid por el polémico crédito de 1.000 millones a Martinsa
La ‘caja B’ de Correa refleja una entrega de 90.000 euros al ex secretario de Aznar
Los documentos del tránsfuga que desvelan nuevas claves del ‘tamayazo’
Las 9 claves del ‘caso Rato’
Documentos de la trama acreditan la financiación del PP
El escándalo de las tarjetas B saca a relucir la opaca gestión publicitaria de Caja Madrid – Marketing Directo
11 grandes obras españolas más caras que mandar una nave a Marte


Rato wants his bail reduced by €3,000,000, charges of corruption and money laundering against senior bankers and public figures, Rato in court, Rato tries to avoid paying bail, #15MPARATO wants prison without bail for Rato to prevent his fleeing, Rato accused of five crimes against the Treasury Department, Rato’s Personal Income Tax fraud of €6.4 million, BFA-Bankia, Rato and Rato’s team pay €34 million in bail, and Bankia to return €1,500 million to small shareholders. And further crime and punishment.

Rato pide al juez que rebaje su fianza de 3 millones por las tarjetas “black”
Rato, Olivas y Acebes, citados como imputados por Bankia
Rato declara como imputado por corrupción entre particulares
Las cuentas pendientes de Rato con la justicia
La Fiscalía acusa a Rodrigo Rato de blanquear dinero con su hotel
Rato declara como imputado por un presunto delito de corrupción entre particulares – elEconomista.es
Fiscalía apunta que Rato habría “intentado eludir” el pago de la fianza por Bankia
Detenidos la secretaria y un nuevo testaferro de Rodrigo Rato
Los presuntos delitos del poliimputado Rodrigo Rato
15MPARATO pide prisión sin fianza para Rato para evitar que se fugue
Anticorrupción acusa a Rato de cinco delitos contra Hacienda
El fiscal pide cuatro años y medio de cárcel para Rato por las tarjetas ‘black’
Hacienda multiplica por cuatro el fraude de Rato en el IRPF: 6,4 millones de euros
Caso Bankia – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre
El juez remite el ‘caso Rato’ a la Audiencia por blanqueo
Los delitos por los que se investiga a Rodrigo Rato
BFA-Bankia, Rato y su equipo pagan 34 millones de fianza por la salida a bolsa
Rodrigo Rato: La fiscalía cree que Rato movió sus bienes para eludir la fianza de Bankia
Blesa justifica el alza de las retribuciones por aumento de trabajo
La Audiencia Nacional abre juicio oral contra Blesa y Rato por el uso de las ‘tarjetas B’
Las 9 claves del ‘caso Rato’
Rato declara ante el juez por blanqueo de capitales, corrupción y delitos fiscales
Rato habría intentado «eludir» la fianza de Bankia, según el fiscal
Bankia ha devuelto 1.200 millones a 190.000 accionistas afectados por la salida a Bolsa
Bankia devolverá 1.500 millones de euros a unos 200.000 pequeños accionistas

Hazte Banquero, trio



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