Sustainable Models for Shared Culture

Case Studies and Policy Issues


By: CONSERVAS/Xnet, Stichting Kennisland, World-Information Institute, National Hellenic Research Foundation/ National Documentation Centre (NHRF/EKT)


Working Notes for a R-evolution

Text by Simona Levi

(translation Nuria Rodríguez)
Barcelona, 23 June, 2011

The contribution I can make is basically some working notes in relation to the activities of the last few months, which are about the type of struggle we have been constructing over the past few years and, on a practical level, on how to face up to the problems that we are encountering at this point.
We believe that the struggle we have been participating in – for the defense of the Internet and sharing – has been crucial for arriving at the #15M movement.
Crucial at two levels.
Firstly for the maturity it has created, which cuts right across all layers of public opinion, both in terms of defending something that belongs to it and is in danger of being snatched away – the neutral Internet – , and secondly in terms of ethical ways of relating to others. (more…)

State of Power 2019

Monitoring corporations, several authors with an interview with Simona Levi, founder of Xnet.

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