Nueva Proposición de Ley de Protección de Alertadores partiendo de la plantilla de Xnet Ley de Alertas Ciudadanas de en el Parlamento Vasco

New Bill on Whistleblowers’ protection based on the Xnet’s template: Citizen Alerts Act of Elkarrekin-Podemos in the Basque Parliament

We are very pleased to announce that the deputy Cristina Macazaga and the legal team of Elkarrekin-Podemos in the Basque Parliament have today registered in the Basque Parliament the Proposal of the Citizen Alerts Law drawn up on the based of the Whistleblowers Protection Law template that Xnet has made available online for replication.

In recent months the legal team of Elkarrekin-Podemos has contacted Xnet to comment and fine-tune the content of the new proposal generated and adapted to the context of the Basque Country. The collaboration has been very fruitful. It is a work of great quality and we want to congratulate the whole team for the result as well as for the recent fight of the deputy for the protection of the whistleblowers who have uncovered serious frauds in the Basque health system.

After the Proposal of Law that we presented in the Parliament of Catalonia, this is the second law in the State that replicates and improves our template and thus complies with international standards and included in the current draft European Directive, as opposed to the liberticide law in the process of being passed by the Congress of Deputies.