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Digital Rights, Data, AI and Net Neutrality

We are fighting to defend the Internet as a tool for improving the quality of democracy and against cuts in civil rights in the digital age.
Net neutrality is a founding principle of the Internet. It guarantees that all data packages that circulates through the net on the Internet is are treated equally and is crucial if we are to mantain keep the Internet non- discriminatory, diverse, innovative and free,, and while defending for our freedom to access and send distribution information.

We consider believe the fight for net neutrality and the passing of laws to which reinforce its legality to enshrine it in law to be crucial for human freedom and democracy in the 21st century. .

Many governments and tTelecoms companies want to change that. They want to establish new business models based on discrimination and restrictions. They would like the Internet to be anothergo the same way as television TV.

We have engaged in the fight to preserve this fundamental openness of the Internet and defended its neutrality against varied attacks which have occurred at a national level (Sinde-Wert Law), in Europe and as well as an international level (Acta- Sopa- Pipa…).

From our foundation we have has been part joined and promoted coalitions like such as Save The Internet, Sustainable Net and The internet won’t be another TV to defend the net from the various threats both nationally (the Sinde-Wert Act) and internationally (Acta-Sopa-PipaACTA, SOPA and PIPA, etc.. …).

On the other hand, weWe also dedicate a large part of our work to defending fundamental rights in the digital environment, such as freedom of expression (see dedicated tab), privacy and the inviolability of communications, in order to prevent the constant attempts to apply a state of exception that suspends basic freedoms as a previous step and then suspends them in physical spacethe real world as well.

As Snowden or the Cambridge Analytics case have revealed, our fundamental right to privacy is being undermined by massive and systematic surveillance by private companies and/or governments.

Our personal data and communications are part of our private life and should be treated as such.

The application of artificial intelligence to extract our personal data and process it them to create collective behavioural profiles for various uses is a hot topicvery current. It is fundamental to fightessential we fight so that these uses this is used are for the common good, so that everyone can benefit from this knowledge and not for to prevent them to be from being used privately and to create an immense state of massive control over the population.
For this purpose, In this regard, among several of our activities, you can see read our report, #DatosPorLiebre.

Defend net neutrality, save the internet!
Defend net neutrality, save the internet!