Fights for citizen liberties. National and international Networks

It is in our hands as individuals to participate, with full awareness and guarantees of our rights and freedoms, within the civil life created by democracy. And as such ,we have an obligation to defend these rights and freedoms against the powers that be.

The works along these lines assessing new tools, online democracy, or new forms of citizen organization for other collectives fully devoted to the fight for these types of freedoms, as well as taking part directly in these sorts of campaigns within society.

We contend that confronting the attempts of our governments to control the Internet is a key fight to defend all our civil freedoms.

The articulation of relationships with other collectives, citizen lobbies and networks is crucial to achieve great international goals, to avoid duplicated efforts and to exchange practices and knowledge. To this end, throughout the years and based on the work on specific projects, the Xnet has built a vast network of contacts in the international activism sphere, and we have established equal partnerships with dozens of groups and organizations.