Titanpad Backup tool and alternative

Titanpad closes (thank you guys!), here a backup tool and an alternative :)

As announced months ago, Titanpad closes this May 1 after giving years of service for the creation of online collaborative texts.

To many of us the news left us orphans. In their pads we have created and stored the collective history and the development of an imaginary and methodology of work of many years.

From Xnet we want to say a big THANK YOU to the people of Titanpad for all this years of service. Now let’s get to it :)

Backup tool

Since Titanpad’s native backup functionality did not work for us, our member Alfa has written a script to back up all our pads and that we want to share for who needs it:

– The open-source bash script is in Github and can be launched from any linux operating system:

– Instructions for its use can be found here:

Pads alternative

On the other hand, our member Maddish has developed (within her project MaadiX) an alternative of public pads and private accounts. You can try out a demo of this pad tool and find more information here: https://demo.maadix.net/etherpad/