Simona Levi (Founder) – communication – investigation

In 2017 Rolling Stone magazine chose Simona Levi, as co-founder of Xnet and 15MPARATO, as one of the 25 people who are shaping the future.

Since 2017 she has been designing and co-directing the Postgraduate Course in Technopolitics and Rights in the Digital Era first at the Pompeu Fabra University, then at the University of Barcelona.

Simona Levi is a theatre director, playwright, technopolitical strategist, multidisciplinary artist, researcher and teacher who, as an activist, has focused in recent years on free culture, digital democracy and the strategic use of digital tools for organisation, communication, collective action, the struggle against state corruption, on the rights and for the renewal of democracy.

She is the initiator of projects such as Xnet or 15MPARATO, which has led to the conviction of 65 politicians and bankers, of which 15 were imprisoned, among which is the ex-minister of economy of Spain and ex-president of the International Monetary Fund.

Levi has been a prominent participant in the 15-M (Indignados’ Movement) in Barcelona.
Prior to this, she was active in housing rights movements and and women’s rights.

Simona Levi is promoter and (co-)author of several books. Notable amongst which is “#FakeYou — Fake news y desinformación – Gobiernos, partidos políticos, medios de comunicación de masas, corporaciones, grandes fortunas: monopolios de la manipulación informativa y recortes de la libertad de expresión” (#FakeYou: Fake News and Disinformation – Governments, political parties, mass media, corporations, big fortunes: monopolies of information manipulation and cuts in freedom of expression), edited by Rayo Verde in 2019; “Votar y cobrar. La impunidad como forma de gobierno” (Vote and charge. Impunity as a form of government) – coauthor with Sergio Salgado -, narration of how her group has initiated the campaign that uncovers the Bankia Case, the leakage of Blesa’s mails and the Black Cards (published by Capitan Swing in 2017); “Tecnopolítica, internet y r-evoluciones” (Technopolitics, the Internet and R-evolutions) – about the key role of digital networks in #15M -, and “Cultura libre digital – Nociones básicas para defender lo que es de todxs” (Free Digital Culture: Basic Notions for Defending What Belongs to Everyone). Both these books were published in 2012 by Icaria.

Her shows have been performed in theatres and festivals throughout Europe and she has created high-impact festivals like OXcars and InnMotion.

She contribute in several media and she is advisor to countless citizen organizations and institutions such as the Secretary of State for Digitization and Artificial Intelligence of the Government of Spain, the Directorate of Digital Society of the Generalitat of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council.

Levi gives lectures, participates in talk-shows, teaches and offers consultancy in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian in themes ranging from free culture, digital rights, technopolitics, defence of a free, neutral Internet, new forms of democracy and the struggle against corruption.


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Sergio Salgado – communication and networks

He studied Political Sciences at Santiago de Compostela University and Human Ecology at Aberta University in Lisbon.

Founder of Pantheon Work, a consultancy firm specialized in communication, organization and reputation management. He advises several organizations and institutions.

Involved in several activism projects and is co-author with Simona Levi of the book “Votar y cobrar – La impunidad como forma de gobierno” and the theater play “Hazte Banquero”.

Maddalena Falzoni aka Maddish (Founder) – technology

Software developer and systems administrator. Within Xnet, she coordinates the technical aspects and is responsible for the IT structure in all its aspects (development, usability, security).

She is the founder and director of MaadiX, a company that offers IT solutions aimed at preserving privacy, confidentiality and autonomy in the digital environment. Breaking the technological gap allows anyone to have online applications and services of daily use, without depending on third parties or large companies.

She has worked with several groups and social movements taking care of the applications development, offering support, monitoring and consulting.