SATURDAY NOVEMBER 1, from 5 to 10pm

(Sala Conservas, C/ Sant Pau 58, ground floor, 08001 Barcelona. Metro: Liceu)


Structure of the workshops: first there will be a group presentation, where several people who are especially competent in the different aspects under discussion will take around twenty minutes each  to explain specific tools.
Each presenter will then form a group and answer specific questions. Workshop participants will be able to move freely from group to group, according to what they want to know.

Safe Creative (intellectual property register):
Safe Creative is a new intellectual property register created in Zaragoza for the purpose of protecting authors from plagiarism and from other people unduly appropriating their work, but in accordance with the spirit of digital media. Four days after its launch, 1,300 works had already been registered on the website. Safe Creative is a free register that allows users to register their work under any kind of licence, from Creative Commons licences like GNU to traditional licences that protect Copyright , in all languages and formats.
The idea for the register arose from a perceived lack of a neutral point in relation to free licences – the need for a third party that could provide proof of authorship as a way of giving legal rigor to copyleft licences.
This register has two peculiarities: firstly, it requires lodgement of a copy – that is, it has its own repository of works. User sign up, send a copy of their work, state what kind of licence they are using and have 24 hours in which to make any necessary changes before a digital certificate is issued. Secondly, it is always possible for users to change the licence of any registered work – whether it be a song, a blog entry, a comic or a design (the register will eventually cover all products subject to intellectual property). For example, if a song is initially registered as “all rights reserved” its author can change it to a Creative Commons model at any time.
SafeCreative will impart a workshop called “The other way to register” on XX at Sala Conservas.

Production and management of copyright for audiovisual projects.
by YProductions, (HAMACA management team, )

The convergence of a series of very different factors was a prerequisite for the emergence of a new paradigm in which it is much easier to create, edit and spread audiovisual works. The availability of reasonably affordable cameras and computers was the bridge making it possible to crystallise ideas and visions of reality that may have already existed in our minds or in other forms, but hadn’t previously found the right physical media that transformed them into part of our audiovisual reality. With new information and communication technology, it has been possible to make and distribute these visions much more easily and add them to other ways of describing and understanding reality. But this new paradigm isn’t so clear cut. The royalty management models based on current legal guidelines that have shrewdly established themselves in the cultural industries are sometimes far from the most beneficial for producers, artists and other cultural agents working in independent video. People who produce and spread audiovisual projects can be in many different situations and be doing it for all kinds of purposes, and it is only with great difficulty that they can be translated into standard models.
This workshop will show the different forms of copyright and royalties management available and explain their pros and cons, as well as discussing the need for this legal aspect to be understood as a basic part of the discursive production of audiovisual projects.

Change your habits: logical tips to improve your life.

EXGAE came into being with the aim of channelling popular, well-grounded hostility to royalty management bodies and equipping it with legal, artistic tools.
Like the great majority of civil society, EXGAE supports other ways of circulating culture.
24 entities, consisting of associations and individual citizens, are behind this initiative that is taking its first steps with the support of almost 8000 people.
EXGAE works to inform and help citizens in general and, in particular, to advise businesses, creators, artists and producers, regardless of whether they are bound hand and foot to a royalties management organisation.
Eventually, they hope to change habits and change the rules in order to achieve a fairer and more beneficial use of digital and cultural resources.

EXGAE offers:
– Legal advice in person, with specialised lawyers
– On its web site, answers to frequently asked questions on copyright, licenses, levies, and royalty management bodies for artists, producers, venues, businesses, IT stores, etc. General FAQs and a FAQ section focusing on SGAE, the main Spanish royalties management organisation.
–  Self-defense tools: at, everybody can download essential tools (contract templates, letters for rejecting the “canón digital”, the Spanish government’s “digital levy” when it’s incorrectly applied, etc etc)
– Training for specialised lawyers.
– We find ways to bring out into the public arena those things that everybody already thinks and does: events, attitudes, virals, talks, DIY workshops, P2P Networks.

EXGAE isn’t a welfare project. EXGAE invents and puts into practice.
Multiply and spread.

– Free Cultural Works: A brief introduction to the concept of free software (origins, copyleft,…) and the way it has expanded and been transposed to other artistic fields (CC,…)
Discussion: Current issues, challenges, …
By Marc Montañés:  is a programmer specialising in web development based on open source software. He was one of the organisers of the 2nd Copyleft Conference in Barcelona, a member of Sindominio….

– Encryptación by Arturo Quirantes