Technopolitics & Hacktivism. Artivism & Guerrilla comunication [videos & more]

Besides being a technology, we consider thatbelieve that the age of the Internet is an historical era in which we haveit is our the obligation as citizens to take advantage of its many possibilities to impact, through technopolitics and hacktivism, make our society to make it truly democratic, to empowering ourselves the public and to desintermediate the access removing intermediaries in accessing knowledge.

From our beginnings, ever since we first started, at Xnet we have been pioneers and dedicated an importanta significant part of our work to the develpement development and use of digital tools, communication strategies and viral campaigns to apply pressure on different fronts in favour of social transformation, promotion helping to the emergence of an create an active citizenship public within as part of the framework of #globalrevolution.

We do all this from based on the deep conviction that these this struggle clashes for net neutrality or and free culture are is essential, and will and at the same time also promote help promote the self-organising skills of the publicthese new citizen self-organizing capacities. Without these toolsthis struggle, key events such as those which occurred during the indignados movement (15M) of 2011 would never have never taken place.

Through non-conventional forms of communication and existing connections between free artistic expression and political action, we as citizens are winning the battle against the big large media groups and propaganda machines. We citizens are We are breaking through with an effective narrative that goes against the dominant, yet declining, discourseeffectively breaking through with our own discourse, opposite to the dominant, yet declining, version. At the Xnet, we use artivism as a means to influence conventional communicative processes, using design, video, photography, online communication… and other tools in order to obtain help win victories from for civil society.

Since 2018 we organized in Barcelona the Postgraduate Course on Technology Policy and Rights in the Digital Age.