Miro Tv (online tv – Democracy Now)

Miro is a free, open source Internet TV distribution platform that incorporates P2P technology. This means that each receiver also transmits information, so that every user contributes to the distribution of the global content. Anybody can create their on television channel on Miro free of charge, making it a powerful tool for the worldwide distribution of independent productions. This open model of producer-consumers is starting to be called Television 2.0, in reference to Web 2.0 and the changes it brought about in the Internet, and it will radically transform the way we watch TV.
Miro currently offers access to over 200 commercial channels and more than 3000 channels run by independent producers, most of them using HD (high definition) technology. It also allows users to customise the application by adding any kind of RSS feed (videopodcast) and to search and view on other platforms (youtube, blip, etc…)
Miro development is supported by the Participatory Culture Foundation, a non-profit organisation.