We ask to the MEPs to correct some bias of the “Resolution on strengthening freedom of the media”

Letter sent to the MEPs responsible of the draft:

We are writing to you about the “Resolution on strengthening media freedom”. Although we absolutely share the goals and most of the content of which, with this letter we want to draw your attention to some details that could have dangerous biases.

As a result of the research led by Xnet we have demonstrated that public and legislative policies to fight disinformation not always provide effective measures and:

1) Attack the Internet considering it to be the only source of disinformation and
2) Attempt to limit users’ freedom of expression, letting the real promoters of collective disinformation off the scope.

It is important that we respect the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and information for the whole population not only because they are rights, the backbone of any state that would claim to be democratic, but also because they are not the source of the problem of disinformation and fake news. If anything, they are the solution.

This second point is very well respected in your proposal, but on the first point on disinformation sources we would suggest that it is important not to draw any distinction between online and offline/printed distribution of information. In the draft this point of view is more or less respected when hate speech is considered, but, taking into account that journalists and media activity and disinformation take place both online and offline, we consider it necessary that all measures taken to protect freedom of the media and prevent disinformation shall consider both perspectives, in order not to limit or result in adverse effects to freedom of expression and information.

In attachment, so that is more clear what we want to say, you will find the draft with the rewording that we suggest, as an example, made from this approach.

Best regards,