Libre/Free Culture. For a fair and positive copyleft - copyright law. Defense of sharing and the free flow of information and knowledge.

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The Internet has multiplied the possibilities for the free open distribution of information, circulation of free culture and open access to knowledge, thus generating a large amount of resistance from the minority which benefits from the economy of scarcity (management agencies, collecting societies, big major producers and distributors, conventional media, political parties, and monopolies generally…).

Xnet was born under the name of EXGAE in 2008 as a consultancy and platform, with the goal of to freeing citizens and artists and citizens from the abuses committed by the SGAE (Spanish Society of Authors Composers and Publishers) and the cultural industries, and the monopolies of culture and information. to defend the rights of artists and citizens alike in the digital era. In order to do so we have built a set of tools and documents which are available in on this website.

We work to defend the act of sharing, the free circulation of information and free culture, promoting a critical debate about copyright, copyleft and other licenses. With the goal in mind of standardizing of normalising free culture, since 2008 we have carried held out the oXcars, the biggest free culture show of all timesin the world XD, history, where every year, we can see the most innovative works; those which have made the strongest contributions to the culture of sharing in the digital era, as well as to the use of the Internet as a tool for improving justice and democratic quality.

The Best of the oXcars is a summary of the greatest moments. sums up the 6 editions of the biggest event on Free Culture of all time. We have also contributed a number of publications as Cultura Libre Digital (Icaria, Asaco 2012).

As we shall see later, quite Furthermore, a number of collective documents have been produced from through the FcForum, which later have were later been widely used by civil society in struggles for free culture, such as the “Letter for the Innovation of Creativity and the Access to Knowledge”.

On March 30 and 31 In March 2010, the Ministers of Culture of the 27 European Union member states brought to a close the European Forum for Cultural Industries

At the same time, Xnet arranged The (D’)Evolution Summit, a civil society meeting to open the minds of the European Community Ministers of Culture, created to provide concrete proposals and urgent demands on fundamental rights on the Internet, and reporting in real time on what was being said in the official congress. Through this event, a large body of material was produced, which can be found below.

Defense of sharing and the free flow of information, knowledge and Libre/Free Culture.
Defense of sharing and the free flow of information, knowledge and Libre/Free Culture.

The OXcars: the Greatest Libre/Free Culture Show on Earth

Clip of the oXcars 2013 (es)

Clip of the oXcars 2012

Clip of the oXcars 2011

Clip of the oXcars 2010

Clip of the oXcars 2009

Clip of the oXcars 2008

The Best of oXcars 2008-2011

Download here the clip The Best of the Oxcars in .ogg


Clip of the FCForum 2011

Charter for the Innovation

Spot of the oXcars 2011

Teddy ex-SGAE



Forum for the acces to the culture and the knowledge

The rights of the citizens and artists in the digital era

Free Culture Forum

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(D’) Evolution Summit




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