Filastine (Live Session)

Filastine creates music that bends genre, cutting mutated hip-hop with other street rhythms and international obscura to build a new Sonic territory defined by nomadism, collaboration, beat science and massive bass. Filastine has brought his soundclash to every type of club, squat and festival imaginable across the globe, delivering beats with laptop, midi triggers, loudspeaker and percussion mounted on a shopping cart. In 2007 Filastine played some huge festivals, opening for Coldcut in Morocco, Diplo in Portugal and Rebel Familia in Japan. Filastine tracks have aired on the UK radio shows of Mary Anne Hobbs & the late John Peel, and peaked at #15 on French independent radio charts. Less visible are the spins on pirate stations in the Americas, or the more than fifty thousand downloads of his mix on
Filastine founded the Infernal Noise Brigade, a 20-piece marching band active in international radical movements. He produced a record for a street band in Marrakech, Majmouat AbdelHakim, and is a composer for the Butoh dance ensemble P.A.N. Sound is also a tool of direct action for Filastine. He conducts guerrilla audio interventions and has been assaulted or arrested by police of many uniforms in the course of his work.