Alan Toner A Day in Life… (video-literature)

Alan Toner is an intellectual property and communications researcher, lost between New York, Buenos Aires, Rome, Berlin and Dublin, mixing law, alcohol, politics and media in various languages since 1973. He has been a fellow at the Information Law Institute and the Engelberg Centre on Law and Innovation at New York University and has written for Mute and Diagonal. His current interest is the new Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive, which he opposes. And he closely follows the ongoing fights around peer production, p2p and piracy.
Alan Toner and Pirate Cinema will present “A Day in Life…” Much hullabaloo has been raised by the disregard of internet users towards the sanctity of copyright law. “A Day in the Life…” is concerned instead with the anthropological change in how we discover culture, and how we use it to relate to others. As individuals join communities more closely attuned to their interests than the commercial offerings, their choices change, the economy of time of their daily life shifts and new problems emerge. Following a participant in one of these communities through a 24 hour cycle, the text explores these processes and their social spaces, taking a snapshot of 21st century subcultures with the occasional nod to the past.
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