K-Sero + Off://TV [Telenoika.NET] “The 23 Copyleft Session” (AV session)

K-sero (aka Sergi Casero) and Off://TV  (aka Xavier GiberT) are two of the creative types who represent the amalgam of audiovisual artists who make up A.C. Telenoika.
Asociación Cultural Telenoika is a non-profit organisation that was founded in 2000 by a group of people interested in audiovisual culture. It operates as a platform for new arts, social and cultural events based on experimentation and creation using new audiovisual media. The name “Telenoika” is based on “telenoia”, a word coined by Roy Ascott that describes Telenoika’s critical and connected spirit, that defines how television affects the society we live in, and how we reject it to open and share our minds in a context of networked global connectivity.
Telenoika currently consists of a group of people connected to audiovisual creativity through the use of new technology, who share a big interest in research and development of alternative channels of human communication and artistic expression.
At the Oxcar Awards Ceremony they will present “The 23 Copyleft Session”, an audiovisual session that fully uses material registered with free licences. They work with music from different NetLabels that use Creative Commons licences. For the visual component, they use Copyleft material generated by Telenoika C.A. in full.
* NetLabels are record labels that distribute their music in digital format (usually MP3 or OGG) through the net.
The main difference between online and traditional labels is that online labels place a great deal of importance on free downloads, which is exactly the reverse of what happens with physical media releases (CD, vynil or DVD).
Music is often released on licences that encourage sharing, such as Creative Commons licences.