Xnet (exEXGAE) is a group of activists working since 2008 in fields related to: online democracy (participation mechanisms and citizen control of power and institutions); the advocacy of a neutral and free Internet; the free circulation of culture, knowledge and information and the defence of citizen journalism for the right to know, inform and be informed; the technical, communications and legal fight against corruption; and the technopolitics understood as the practice of networking and taking action for empowerment, justice and social transformation.

Originally, this project was born in 2008 under the name EXGAE, focusing on free culture and the defence of citizens against abuses from copyright monopolies; work which continues to this day, getting actively involved in analyzing and struggling against secret free trade negotiations, and defending the use of the Internet as a tool to improve the quality of democracy and against civil rights cutbacks from the powers that be and the enemy governments of the Internet in a Post-Snowden world.

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Network actions

We sponsor citizen platforms of action such as: oXcars, FCForum, Molina Pírate, Sinde Pírate, Red SOStenible, stop-ACTA, Blackout Europe, D-evolution Summit, Internet no será otra Televisión, oXcars, FcForum, Aritmética 20N, 15MPaRato, Partido X…
Many of us are or have been involved in social movements such as 15M, DemocraciaRealYa, VdeVivienda…

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Training in online action

Radical Community Manager Seminars: we have been teaching intensive courses on tools and digital strategies and social networks. How to go deep into the Internet as a battlefield and how to gain the abilities to organize and amplify our actions, taking advantage of the synergies of the networked society.

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XMailbox [BuzónX]

Xnet enables the #BuzónX for citizen leaks to act both mediatic and legally against corruption. Through this mailbox information can be sent securely and anonymously to be studied by journalists, lawyers, auditors and the appropriate people.

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It is vital that the work we make as a civil society reaches all kinds of people so we can share its positive results with everyone. We help to create events, and spread the replication of successful events far and wide in different locations.
We periodically organise the Free Culture Forum (FcForum) and the oXcars ceremony. Two events of international relevance.

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The Oxcars

The Greatest Free/Libre Culture Show on Earth.
Because their business is not our culture. We are bringing down a monopoly.

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Forum for the acces to culture and knowledge.
Citizens’ and artists’ rights in the digitl age.

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Investigations, conferences and courses

It is very important for us that history is written from experience. With this in mind, we illustrate our practices and theoretical investigations of fields of action by offering conferences and seminars to communicate the conclusions we have drawn.

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Campaign design

We assist civil society collectives in the development of their campaigns.
Throughout the years, and more and more intensely, the X.net has consistently supported the creation and usage of activist devices for specific actions.

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Members of Xnet, representing many different fields, have had their work published in the below publications.

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Recommendations of policies

In the coordination of seminars and debates promoted by the X.net, quite a number of recommendations related to Free Culture, Net Neutrality and new productive models based on the internet or the Social Economics of Knowledge have been developed.

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Free Culture Portal

Access granted to what you need to know about Free Culture, author’s rights and its management, how the SGAE works, Copyright, Copyleft, licenses and legal tools.

If you are an author, a performer, DJ, or if you are organising a public event. If you own a shop, a bar, a school, a hair salon, if you own a computer store, or you just want to get informed on how to report abuses of copyright, you can find documentation related to intellectual property which may be of some help.

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