MattBlack (ColdCut) + Tantric Billy: LiveLoom (show AV)

Matt Black and Jonathan More are ColdCut. In 1991, they formed Ninja Tune, an independent British record company based in London. Matt Black became one of the pioneers of the concept of VJing.  One of the highlights of Coldcut’s many activities was the 2001 release of “Re:volution”, to coincide with the general elections in the UK. Matt Black characterises it as a “celebration/diss of UK politics and the 2001 elections”. Later, they founded, which was run from Coldcut’s Spacelab studio in London and could be viewed all over the world, pioneering what they describe as “guerrilla netcasting”.
Matt Black will do a one man show using a new collaborative AudioVisual mixer called LiveLoom. Created by Matt and his maverick mathematician friend Tantric Billy, the system is still in dev at the moment so cannot be publicised at this time, but it will be launched soonish.
LiveLoom is a montage system to make art by sharing media online. It will be free. Coldcut have supported the maxim that ‘information wants to be free’ for many years, for example releasing the multitracks for their last album Sound Mirrors to the net for people to play with under a Creative Commons type of agreement. Another of their axioms is ‘Commune, communicate, collaborate, create’. Online artpolitix projects such as also push this view. The performance at the Oxcars will further bring these ideas to life.