Traficantes de sueños

Traficantes de sueños isn’t a publishing house, or even an independent publisher that sets out to publish an ever-changing collection of critical texts. On the contrary, it’s a project – you could call it a gamble – that aims to chart the constituent lines of other modes of life and to use people’s own words to construct, in theory and practice, the toolbox that can eventually build the cycle of struggles of the coming decades. But without indulging the archaic «sacredness» of culture, without concessions to the narcissism of literary genius, and without any loyalty at all to the usurpers of knowledge, TdS embraces free access to knowledge. This means published texts can be partially or fully reproduced in any imaginable format, except where explicitly prohibited by the author of a for-profit edition.
As you know, copyleft makes content free as in freedom, not as in free of charge!
Everything has its costs…