ADVANCED REALITIES/Conservas (performance)

We seem to be living through tense times in our cities. Cracks are beginning to appear in our way of life: angry crowds on the streets demand the implementation of laws that guarantee housing for everybody, there is unbridled information exchange on the Internet, citizens use the city as though it were their own and sing songs as if they owned the rights to them. People are losing respect for property. This interactive performance-lecture offers crisis-struck governments, political parties and powers that be the solutions that can pacify citizen discontent, clear up misunderstandings and stop citizens taking their rights into their own hands.
The Advanced Realities Foundation – one speculator, one vote
A Conservas set-piece for performers, motion graphics, tactical videos, audiences and telematic systems for democratic participation.
A show that’s so copyleft, you can take it home with you.
CONSERVAS is an ever-changing venue for creation, exchange, connections, experimentation, learning and transformation in general. Conservas is also a theatre and interventions company. Conservas produces actions, media-actions and other tools. Lastly, Conservas is biennial festival that allows us to see and think about what is happening. Conservas is not a cultural placebo.