Book licence

This book is subject to the following Poetic Licence, 2008 version (except for texts by authors who have chosen a difference licence, as specified at the foot of the corresponding page):

The content of this collective book has been created on a non-profit basis in order to be shared, used, copied, sampled and multiplied at will. And that’s how it wants to remain.

So if you use part or all of it, ensure that you also prominently display this licence, or the Creative Commons by-sa 3.0 licence, [] or the GPL3 ([] or later versions released by the Free Software Foundation).
Likewise, if you use part or all of this book, we would prefer that you do so because you want to, rather than for money. Although we won’t stop you. And if you do it for money, even though it’s not a legal requirement, it would be elegant of you to share your earnings with the authors. Even if it’s just a bunch of flowers.

Also, if you’re thinking of attributing authorship of part or all of this book to yourself with the excuse that it’s «shared culture» (or of neglecting to mention that it’s not your work, which is basically the same thing), keep in mind that you probably wouldn’t like anyone to do the same to you. So cite your sources.

Finally, if you decontextualise what’s in this book to intentionally give it the opposite ethical slant, you won’t get away with it. So don’t bother.

Apart from that, each of the authors of the contents of this book is responsible for what he or she has written. Logical, right?