Example of Activity Report

Activity Report 2009
With an average of four cases per day, La EX has attended to 1445 persons throughout the Spanish state in 2009.

The persons profiles were as follows:


Musicians (Authors or performers): 349

Theatre companies: 198

Festival programmers: 376

Audiovisual artists: 58

Computer stores: 42

Gymnasiums: 76

Bars, night clubs, public establishments: 217

Online radio-tv broadcasters: 21

Civic centres: 18

DJs: 32
TOTAL 1445


SITE VISITS: 10.000 average per month.

We are a group of like-minded people based on mutual trust, with no leaders. 80% of us are women.

Each of us has his or her own networks that they consult and bring to exgae, which represents several collectives such as Conservas, Telenoika, La Impropia, Taller de Músics, etc…

This means that we have an active human power ranging from 1 to 100 people depending on the case, and first-hand information immediately reaches some 9,000/13,000 people, members of the members, we could say. We also always consult everything we do with our Network (other collectives or individuals) and based on the criticisms and suggestions we receive as feedback, we add modifications as we go.

We have 5 lawyers working with us and they remain neutral, unconnected to our activist activities. We address them with queries and consultations.

They are paid a fee for the cases they take on. The fees are paid by clients that come to them only if there is no other way of resolving a case, through the free informations.
eXgae is funded out of the cultural associations that make up exgae.

Everybody who works for the oXcars is paid.

eXgae in itself does not receive money, but we always try and free at least two people for paid part-time work. It is not always possible.