Xnet (previously EXGAE) is a platform that works to free citizens from the abuses of the SGAE and other cultural industry bodies. We defend Net neutrality for free democracy, information and culture. We organise the oXcars, the greatest free/Libre culture show of all time and FCForum, the International Free Culture Forum. Freedom and rights on the Net!

Xnet was created as a result of the justified hostility towards some cultural industries lobbies, with the aim of equipping civil society with creative and legal skills to increase their visibility and defend themselves.

Xnet is a platform with non-profit aims. That is: a lot of aims, but no profit at all.

The information brought together on this site is a means to share tools, information and documents that Xnet members, as ordinary citizens (based on the professional and personal activities of each member, and the problems they have encountered), have had to create. Xnet members want to share these resources with everybody else who find themselves in similar situations, so that they can defend themselves from the abuses of the parts of the cultural industries that are trying to prevent the transition to the digital age by all means possible.

Xnet dialogues and works with everybody, and firmly believes that existing cultural models from the previous age must be able to coexist with the new models, without trying to set up unfair obstacles for these emerging ones.

Xnet focuses on informing and assisting individuals (in Spain, all consumers pay the digital levy that supposedly compensates these organisations for loss of royalties due to new technologies), and, in particular, to provide legal advice to small businesses, artists, authors and producers alike.

Through practice, Xnet encourages the normalisation of new ways of creating and understanding culture. Alongside the great majority of society, it is committed to defending the right to use alternative forms of circulation of culture and for a free and neutral Internet.

The horizon we are aiming for is to bring about a change in habits and regulations, in favour of a fairer and more beneficial use of digital resources.

Xnet is not a welfare project. Xnet invents and puts into practice.

Xnet works on six fronts:

  • Providing free information to over 1400 people a year, and maintaining a web site that is visited by around 10,000 people per month, for: Answers to frequently asked questions about copyright, licences, the digital levy and royalties collection societies for artists, producers, venues, businesses, IT stores, etc.. (FAQs in general and FAQ SGAE in particular); downloadable self-defense tools (As an example, download a contract model here); repertoires that are not subject to royalties, taking advantage of the potential offered by the Network of Networks today.
  • Providing ongoing legal advice, through independent lawyers linked to Xnet
  • Denouncing irregularities in the management of royalties collection societies and the cultural industries, whether they are detrimental to artists or go against the interests of users and entrepreneurs.
  • Analysing the changing social and political situation and designing proposals for intervention on legislation
  • Organising cultural events that aim to normalise free culture production and a democratic use of the Net, such as the oXcars.
  • Amplifying the potential of national and international networks, by fostering and harmonising the abilities of each node
  • Creating viral campaigns

In recent years, Xnet has been one of the most active groups in the struggle for civil rights in the digital environment, at the Spanish, European and international levels.

It has participated in the organization of important milestones for freedoms on the Internet:

Some of its activities are financed by the different cultural associations that make up Xnet.

At the oXcars, everybody who works, is paid.

Xnet does not receive funding per sé, but we always try to have at least two people who are paid to work part-time. It isn’t always possible.

Our platform was created on 2008 and has been made public on 14 April under the name of EXGAE. From the beginning EXGAE has been backed by more than 8000 people.

Today we have an extensive national and international affinity’s network.

Below you can read why on November 29, 2010 we changed our name and to Xnet a cause of legal threats. Here is the story.