Guía de indicaciones para preservar los derechos fundamentales en Internet

Freedom of expression and information

Defense of the fundamental rights of freedom of information and expression against attacks from corporate lobbies and repressive and short-sighted government policies.

The right to freely use and disseminate information should be the norm and trade secrets, the exception.

We must prevent new trade secret laws from entitling means for companies to hide abuses or information in general interest and to dodge transparency policies.

After the revelations of Wikileaks and the emergence of whistleblowing platforms to denounce corporate abuse and institutional corruption like XnetLeaks, protection of trade secrets put the focus on the criminalization of “hacktivism”.

We work in the elaboration of specific laws to protect whistleblowers, journalists and activists who disclose information in the public interest, abuses and corruption against the corporate legal harassment.

Algorithms, poorly trained moderators and arbitrary terms of service risk becoming tools of censorship 2.0.

Outdated and shortsighted leaders are pushing big online platforms that host the global conversation to apply these tools as a solution to other problems that they are not facing such as online harassment, hate speech or a totally outdated copyright law.

This approach inevitably leads to the systematic elimination of online content undermining our freedoms of information and expression and it does not solve these problems.

Governments should develop clear regulations and in accordance with fundamental rights and the digital environment on which contents are illegal and should be removed, not force online platforms to act as police algorithmos medianta Internet and the terms of service as law .

Defense of freedom of information and expression against corporate and governmental censorship
Defense of freedom of information and expression against corporate and governmental censorship

As revealed by Snowden, our fundamental right to privacy is being undermined by the massive and systematic monitoring of private companies and/or governments.

Our personal data and communications are part of our private life, and as such theys should be treated. Encryption is more than ever a necessary tool to protect our privacy and freedom of expression against self-censorship that comes from being subject to constant monitoring. We must demand laws that enshrine strong encryption and prohibit practices of including backdoors in encryption tools.