A message for #12M15M from the Internet quarter

[This text is a message for #12M15M 2012 from the online community].

Last year we needed to cry out together that we were not alone feeling fed up. We were not alone shouting enough!

Last year we lived through a cathartic movement, a global movement, a resounding cry to pick up strength while resolving to take our destiny in our own hands.

2011 has been the year of indignation.

But what we need now is different.

We have clear demands that have not been heard. We are right and we have the evidence, the support from a majority of the population. But dialogue isn’t possible. Nor is it wanted. The powers that be are all out for themselves and to destroy us.

If we want this to change, we’ll have to do it ourselves with our own means.


By taking back our living spaces and creating new ones. This is not a metaphor, not a figure of speech, not a wish; this is what history has called on us to do.

In the virtual world we have created ways of organising ourselves, of keeping each other informed; learning and participating. Autonomous and de-centralised structures that support each other, creating a democracy model based on carrying out projects collaboratively, creating organised and interlaced ways of life; taking into account each other’s possibilities, skills and feelings.

In the same way our indignation has overflowed from the Internet to the streets, our lifestyles will materialise in the physical space.

Last year our energy was focused on moving as a herd: each individual has played a role in the joint venture over short periods of time. They could be leading at one moment, the next they were exposed or later protecting those exposed along with many other people.

Now the time has come to adopt a new approach.

A ‘catalyst’ in chemistry designates small groups of molecules that alter the rate of reaction, speeding it up (or slowing it down). Catalysts increase power. They are small groups of infinite and flexible numbers that channel the combined focus.

There are times where history asks us to be a herd and others where we have to be catalysts.

We shouldn’t be afraid to act in small groups because there are many catalyst groups, each one covering a different area.

We should not attribute the qualities of a catalyst to a herd.

In 2012 we will be catalysts. Innumerable, small and surgical groups that will free up living spaces.

What spaces?

Not one more Euro to the banks. But it’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

Banks are untouchable because if they go bankrupt the losers are the people who have their savings with them: ‘too big to fail’. They are holding us hostage with these excuses while they keep getting richer with our money, our effort, our work. Banks are untouchable but bankers are people that can be held accountable.

So… we’re going for the bankers!

For example: none of the current or previous governments will hold Rodrigo Rato accountable for the pillaging that’s gone on, while there are people in prison for just trying to find a way out of a life of slavery.

But we, the citizens, can demand accountability. We now have the networked tools needed to uncover their accounts, their dirty laundry, to discredit and persecute them until they have nowhere to hide. Because the people responsible have names and surnames and they need to pay for what they’ve done. They must give our money back! The banks haven’t lost it; it is a scam.

What else can we do?

The only assets that Bankia’s management board has failed to turn into tax havens are the houses they have snatched from working people, cheating them with subprime mortgages.

Bankia has an immense housing stock that belongs to everyone, even according to the dying system, since the constitution recognises the right to housing and in theory Bankia now belongs to the State that is supposedly ours, isn’t it?

We will free the housing stock from Bankia. We’ve paid for it not once, but three times. It belongs to us.

– Public education and healthcare, of good quality. We will take back all the spaces that are being closed down and given away to the rich (bankers and/or politicians). We will dwell in them. This is possible: it’s been done in Iceland; it’s been done in Argentina… What are we waiting for here? If Evo Morales can expropriate the Electric Network from the Spanish Coloniser State; when will we expropriate our own electric network, our own basic services to place them back in the hands of the people were they actually belong? It can be done.

We won’t live as slaves in order to make others rich. The Middle Age capitalist’s version is over. Thousands of alternatives are rising from the ashes of this dead system.

It is not about favouring some of the mega-rich in the hope that something will ‘trickle down’ to us. It is about building a world with minimum inequality where no-one above the vast majority has an insulting wealth while everyone else works for them.

Our weapons are our intelligence, our solidarity and taking care of each other to face the abuse we have suffered in the hands of the super-wealthy, the politicians and the bankers.

Our weapons are the clear proof. We have nothing to hide. They do; so much so that they are incapable of approving a transparency law. But, sadly for them, it’s too late. With or without the law, the transparency of their actions is created by citizens on the Internet, through social networks, that are uncovering their lies constantly.

They don’t have anywhere to hide anymore.

They’re trying, without success, to accuse us of being violent. Images of violence favour the authoritarian coups they need to impose their undemocratic rules and their pillage.

But we are going to achieve all of this peacefully because we are peaceful. And we’re peaceful because we’re right.


There isn’t just one of us, or ten, neither a thousand nor even a million. We’re uncountable. We’re everywhere because we are the inhabitants of this world, and the world has had enough. Change is unstoppable and has already begun.

We are the republic of the 99%. What they do or stop doing from their monarchy for the 1% is history. We just need to give them a final shove to get rid of them forever.

They don’t have any legitimacy. They have the power of money but we have the power of being organised crowds in connected and irrepressible catalysts.

Greetings to the whole movement from the Internet quarter.

Free internet or barbarianism!